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Sewing & Fashion Design


Ages 13 - 17

Are you into fashion?

Do you love the idea of designing your own clothes or up-cycling thrift store finds?

Kuka's fashion & Design classes provide lots of room for self-expression and a great opportunity to meet like-minded teens who are ready to jumpstart a fashion design career!

All our classes for teens take place during Fall, Winter and Spring for multiple weeks after school and on weekends. Additional One Time Workshops are offered throughout each season for teens who want to try out sewing and fashion design before committing to an afterschool program.

For your budding fashion designers, this is the program they have been waiting for!!!

Turn their love for fashion into an amazing opportunity to hone their couture-inspired craft and produce their very own one-of-a-kind wearable creations.

From sketching their first fashion croquis, choosing the best fabrics, cuttting customized patterns, assembling wearables by hand or machine to adding unique details to jazz up final  creations -

your Young Designer will have lots of fun learning one-step-at-a-time the right skills to create their first mini fashion line with confidence!

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